Dutch Rock and LOL band !! 

Birth gift 

 Scania, flames and WC Experience.....

Zwarte Cross, a big festival in the Netherlands 


Mad Cows another Rock Band 

My old Hot Rod clogs 

I like these !! 

Striping Flames.. 

 SQY Rocking Team !!!

The Dutch way.. 

Made for my daughter Anouk 

25 years marriage 

a picture of 25 years ago and now.... 

Harley Davidson Club Hoekse Waard 

Made for Juul, these are very big cloggs !!!!!! 

Death Machine Corpse 

Celtic Dog 

 General Lee !!

Flames are very popular around here 

Dutch Harley Davidson Club, Drifters 

Sqy Rocking Team 

Local Rock Band 

Black Label !!!

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